This page provides general guidelines for renting your unit and the required forms.

The links below provides the required documents. Please download forms to your computer, type information on the form, print, sign and send to the office. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the application along with $150 application fee & all required supporting documentation as described above are received by the Association office no later than 15 days before the rental period begins. Failure to apply or submit required documentation within said period will be cause for denial under section 14.3 to 14.6 (leasing of units) of the Longboat Harbour declarations. The following documents are needed: 

Check List for Renting
Application and Agreement to become a Renter at Longboat Harbour
Renter Background Check
Renters Guide

The Application and Background Check forms are type-in-the-blank and once downloaded and saved can be filled out and attached to emails.

General Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for owners, residents, renters and guests are in our Declaration of Condominium, Bylaws, and applicable statutes of Manatee County and the State of Florida. We encourage you to read the Declarations and Bylaws which were provided. The following guidelines are presented to augment our documents and provide quick, easy reference. Rules are designed to create a congenial atmosphere for residents, renters, and guests so that all may enjoy the lifestyle Longboat Harbour offers. Facilities, equipment and other amenities are for the exclusive use of the owners, renters and guests. Owners are "responsible" for occupant behavior and compliance with all rules and regulations. Copies of this document are available from the administrative office and owners should ensure that one is provided to anyone who occupies their unit.

Non-Owner Occupancy
Owners must advise the manager of the name, number of individuals, arrival and projected departure dates of individuals who will occupy their unit. For security purposes all non-resident owners, guests and tenants should check with the administration office upon arrival and obtain auto parking decals.
Owners may rent their unit two times each year for a period of no less than one month per rental. An application and administrative fee is required prior to each rental. An owner's parents, siblings, children, grandchildren or another owner may occupy a unit without the owner in residence and it will not be counted as a rental episode.
Minors (under 18) may not occupy a condo unit unless a parent is also in residence.
Pets are not allowed.
In consideration for others the sound level of conversation, radio, television, stereo or record players must be kept to reasonable levels at all times. By reasonable it is meant the sound not be clearly audible in an adjacent unit. Since all amenities and facilities are shared by all residents, it is important to follow posted guidelines.
Walks & Walkways
The walks, building walkways and railings are to be kept clear at all times. Handicapped assistance walkers, wheelchairs etc. are allowed but must be stored inside a condo unit. All other wheeled devices are banned from the canal and building walkways.
Amenities & Facilities
Usage guidelines for amenities and facilities are posted at each location. Amenities are for the benefit of everyone as shared facilities. Glass containers are not allowed in the pool areas. A  minimum age is established to use the Gym. Smoking is not allowed on the building walkways, any indoor, carpeted or covered area. Private use of the Club House may be arranged under specific conditions for a fee. Individuals utilizing the amenities and facilities do so at their own risk. Longboat Harbour Condominium is not responsible for accidents or injuries.
Trash & Recycling
Dumpsters are located near each building. Receptacles for recycling are clearly marked. Contractors/Vendors/Suppliers are not to use the dumpster for disposal. They must be instructed by the owner to remove all residue from their work.
Parking & Carports
Carport parking is limited to non-commercial, passenger vehicles. Spaces are assigned to specific condominium units. Temporary parking of RV's, trailers or vehicles which carry commercial signage must use guest or beach parking areas. Overnight parking of RV's, trailers or vehicles which carry commercial signage is limited to the beach parking area only as described in our Bylaws. Each vehicle so parked must be registered in the administrative office and may not remain beyond 24 hours.
Signs & Solicitation
Posting of signs or solicitation of any kind is not allowed on the premises. Literature or advertisements may not be distributed, posted on Bulletin Boards or elsewhere without prior approval.
Do not interfere with condominium maintenance staff work by requesting assistance or reporting problems. If a resident sees a problem (hallway light out, sprinkler misdirected etc.) it should be reported to the office. A request to hire a maintenance person for personal work after hours must be directed to the administrative office. The office will arrange for the person to contact the resident after normal work hours. Arrangements are strictly between the resident and maintenance person. Owners must ensure that only licensed contractors are hired for work in their unit and that all permit requirements are satisfied before work is started.