Closing for the Season

Closed for the season sign

Condo Closing Guidelines

Following the general guidelines listed below when closing a LBH condo will help protect the entire LBH Community. Cooperation of all Owners is requested and appreciated.

Refer to LBH Policy No.20230216.V1: Closing and Inspecting Condominiums

• Unplug unnecessary appliances, electronics and charging stations (e.g. toothbrushes/razors).
• Check with cable/internet service provider for what equipment should be kept connected.
• Remove batteries from remotes, clocks, etc to prevent damage from leaking batteries.
• Turn Off Power to Range and Hot Water Heater at Electric Panel Breaker.
• Check whether smoke alarms and CO detectors are working and ensure the equipment life has not expired (7to 10 years on some products), install fresh batteries. (Note: even wired smoke detectors may have a backup battery).
• Make sure HVAC filter is clean.
• Arrange to have 1 to 2 cups of white vinegar poured into HVAC condensate line at least once a month to help keep condensate drain free of bacteria build-up (note: Do Not use bleach or ammonia which corrodes piping). Vacating the line annually with a shop vac to remove dirt/debris/oils also helps prevent flooding.
• Unplug refrigerator/freezer, empty ice, defrost, remove all perishable foods and prop open refrigerator and freezer doors. (Note: if it is kept running please be aware that problems of mold/mildew can quickly result during power outages or equipment malfunction. Ice makers and water to ice makers should always be turned off during non-occupancy).
• Close and lock all windows and exterior doors tightly.
• Open closet doors to allow for better air circulation.
• Fully open HVAC vents in all rooms and open non-louvred closet doors for air circulation.
• Seal toilet bowls and tanks with plastic wrapping to prevent evaporation as well as for pest control. Place weight on seat. Do not use bleach in the tank as it will damage rubber/plastic.
• Cover all sink, shower and tub drain lines with tape or rubber stops. Be sure to include overflow inlets which connect to the drain system.
• Turn Off Main Water Valve.