Entry Gates


The only thing an owner needs to enter and exit the property in his or her vehicle is a free windshield device. Every owner is allotted ONE free windshield device which will automatically open the OWNERS’ gate (right side) as you enter the property. 

To EXIT the property drive slowly to within 2 feet of the gate and it will open. To ENTER drive into the OWNERS’ lane (right side), the scanner will read your windshield device or respond to your transmitter and the gate will open.

Before being assigned a device you must complete the
Gate Authorization for Residents Form. This form can be obtained from the office, or filled out on a type-in form. Decide if you want an additional device (see Optional Devices below) and write a check if you do and bring the check and form to the office. After the office receives your completed form and has processed it, you will be asked to bring your vehicle to the office to have the windshield device applied by our staff between the hours of 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm on Tuesdays or 10:00 am and 12 pm on Thursdays, whichever is more convenient for you. Please have your auto registration with you to prove ownership of the vehicle. An additional windshield device for a second vehicle costs $20.00.

The right hand gate is for residents with windshield stickers or transmitters. If you have a windshield device it will open when you approach it or when you use the transmitter. All others must use the left gate and the control box.

Swipe fobs near the black reader on the left side of box. The gate will open. Visitors can press # and then scroll to look up the 3 digit code alphabetically by name. When the 3 digit code is entered the system will dial your phone. Confirm who is there, press 9 to open the gate, and hangup. You may give your dial code to visitors. They must enter # and then your 3 digit code to dial your phone. Forget your code? You can look it up at the gate.

Only one car at a time may go through the gate

The gate must close after each vehicle. To attempt to coat tail on the vehicle in front of you is dangerous and may cause an accident or damage to your car or the gate.
When your phone rings because a guest puts your code into the keypad at the gate, you can converse with that person on your phone. It is important that you know the person attempting to enter the property. If you do not know or expect the person attempting to access the property, DO NOT PRESS NINE ON YOUR PHONE! The gate camera photographs and records the license number of any vehicle that enters through the guest lane. Remember that you are responsible for anyone you allow to enter the property.

Emergency Services (police, ambulance, fire) has a dedicated code that will allow them entrance to the property without delay.

Gate Operation
To EXIT the property drive slowly to within 2 feet of the gate and it will open. To ENTER drive into the OWNERS’ lane (right side), the scanner will read your windshield device or respond to your transmitter and the gate will open.

If you have given someone a FOB, he or she must enter the GUEST lane (left side). Swipe the fob at the black scanner and the gate will open.
Alternately your visitor can find your name in the alphabetical list on the display, retrieve your three digit code and enter it on the key pad. Your phone (the number you have designated on the Resident Gate Authorization form) will ring, answer it, and verify who is there. To grant entry press 9 and hangup.

You can give regular visitors your three digit code so when they arrive, they can enter 0 and the 3-digit code without looking it up. The alphabetical list is not a phone directory, just a code directory. A three digit code must be entered to access a resident’s phone.
You may list an optional second phone number in the alphabetical directory.

Optional Devices
Owners and annual renters may purchase either 1 fob or one transmitter in addition to their windshield device. Fobs are $30 and must be swiped against the scanner. Annual is a continuous 12 month renter.

Transmitters open the owners gate (right side) and work like a garage door opener. Transmitters cost $50 and are for owners and annual renters only and are not to be given out.

If you have a fob or transmitter you don't want, you can sell it to other residents via the office. The office will deactivate it and attempt to sell it for the price you set.

If you have caller ID, enter the gate phone number (941 383-1297) into your directory. Give it a name like "LBH Gate", then you will know when calls are from the gate. You can not dial the gate number and do anything.

If someone uses a cell phone to call you from the gate, you can talk to them but you cannot open the gate. You can coach them on how to use system, but be sure to hangup so they don't get a busy signal.

Try looking up your code at the gate and dialing your phone. You will be better able to explain it to your visitors.