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Our first meeting commences on the first Wednesday of November..

“The Harbourettes” for those readers who might not know about us, has been in existence since the inception of Longboat Harbour (LBH). Its earliest residents decided to create a women’s club and successfully applied for a charter. It is a non-profit Women’s Organization for LBH ladies to mix and mingle for fun and entertainment. All ladies who are permanent residents, and those who choose to vacation in our little piece of paradise are very welcome.

During these many years, LBH ladies have graciously given their time to make the Harbourettes a valuable asset to our condominium complex. A special thanks to those who have generously given their time and talent.

This year our board members are:
Sharyn Ford as President
Carol Beddie as Vice President
Janet Atkinson as Treasurer
Marge Geiger as Secretary

Meetings are held in the clubhouse every Wednesday at 12:30 pm. Light refreshments are served and a donation of $1.00 is collected to offset the cost of refreshments. After all business is discussed, many play bridge, rummikub, mahjong, canasta, etc.

If you will like to meet your neighbors,this is the place to do it. If you have a favorite game that you can share, bring it tothe meeting. Each month an event is celebrated. Upcoming events include a holiday party, a birthday party, a fashion show, etc. We look forward to your friendship and new ideas.