Longboat Harbour
Facilities Use Information
Starting May 3, 2021

• The office will open for normal business. We encourage you to conduct your business via email if possible. Please wear a mask when entering the office building.
• The lobby will be open and accessible with your common key after business hours and on weekends. The lobby lounge occupancy limit remains at 6 and the area is not available for social gatherings.
• The occupancy restriction for the library has been removed, please be mindful of social distancing.
• The woodshop and art studio restricted hours have been removed.
• The billiards room and game room are now open.
• The gym occupancy limit remains unchanged at 5 and the locker rooms are available. The sauna will remain closed.
• The morning exercise and dance classes class will remain in the Recreation Hall. Class size limit of 10 with two classes per day, remains unchanged.
• The Recreation Hall is available for use by musicians wanting to practice.
• The Recreation Hall is not available for social gatherings.
• Board meetings will continue to be via Zoom webinar, as will Operating Committee meetings.
• Use and access to all open common areas is no longer restricted to residents, guests are now allowed.
Please make sure you and your guests comply with Association Covid cautions, recommendations, and requests. We are all in this together and we should be doing our individual and collective parts to avoid becoming sick and infecting others. We appreciate your understanding that whatever restrictions are put in place, are for everyone’s benefit and the protection of our community.